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Starting a Business in Bruce County

Thousands of bright Ontarians start new companies every year. They have ideas, skills, drive, determination and more than a little passion about building their own future. In Bruce County the opportunities to explore that future are endless. We share your passion for entrepreneurship.

Start-Up Help

Our business guides can help you build your vision with expert support:

For start up support, connect with one of our business start up guides today.

Match Your Business with a Community

The Match Your Skills page on this site gives you an opportunity to find the perfect Bruce community for your business and lifestyle vision. Fill out the questionnaire and see what community matches your business and lifestyle!

Talk With a Local Business Owner

If you want to know what it’s really like to do business in Bruce County, why not talk with someone who understands things first hand? Visit our online Business Owner Networks to ask real business owners your questions today. If in-person is more your thing, we can help pair you up with a local business owner. Contact us and we’ll set something up!

Josie Myles

Josie tells us her business journey and why she’s thankful it happened here in Bruce County.

After graduating university, I decided to move back to Wiarton to start my family. Although my education was in Environmental Studies, a bit of good timing and a lot of courage resulted in me purchasing a clothing store on the main street.

Over twenty years later and I’ve bought the building, expanded my space and built a loyal customer base. Wiarton has been a wonderful place to have a business and the best part is that everyday on my drive down the hill, I get to look out over the escarpment and crystal clear water in the bay and be reminded of how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful place.


Gaby discusses how she’s started and grown a successful business.

Starting your own business begins with a dream and the desire to create something special. Even though I had no formal business training, I was passionate about my dream and making it my reality. I am proud to say that The Harbour Rose Boutique is in its 9th year of business with many more to come.

Before starting my business I had to conduct my own research; that involved exploring my town to find out what it had to offer in the retail business and what was missing. What was the town’s demographic make-up? What was my business plan? Conducting this research was invaluable to establishing my business identity and assisting me in creating a business plan to ensure sustainable growth in my business for its future success.

    Bruce County is located in southwestern Ontario, Canada.