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Clean water living spawns more than just tourism

In the Municipality of Brockton, with the mighty Saugeen River and a humming downtown core, Walkerton lets you can grab a latte in the morning, innovate all day long, and catch your dinner in the afternoon.  The community is focused on clean technology, fly-fishing, agri-business, and, yes, all the tourism ideas you can dream up. Let Walkerton be the backdrop of your new or expanding business.

Key Facts


Interactive map of Walkerton Map of South of Ontario Bruce county in white with dynamic content between the different 137 Km 153 Km 108 Km 144 Km 62 Km 196 Km 184 Km 330 Km Barrie Hamilton Kitchener London Owen Sound Sarnia Toronto Windsor
The Municipality of Brockton, with Walkerton at its core, is nestled in the countryside of the Saugeen and Teeswater Rivers of Bruce County. It’s almost equidistant from Toronto and Hamilton and with the Saugeen Municipal Airport right there, keeping on top of business and leisure is a breeze.



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