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Cooperative living at its finest

The villages of Mildmay and Teeswater and the hamlet of Formosa work together as the cooperative community of South Bruce. South Bruce enjoys a legacy of population stability, agricultural expertise and the hard-working traditions of its people; people who work together for shared long-term success and prosperity. Your cooperative business ideas have fertile ground here with famous case studies like Gay Lea and The Ontario Dairy Goat Cooperative. Food processing, light manufacturing/machining and farming operations that leverage trends in locally grown food and cooperative business models thrive here in South Bruce.

Key Facts


Interactive map of South Bruce Map of South of Ontario Bruce county in white with dynamic content between the different 150 Km 159 Km 104 Km 133 Km 95 Km 176 Km 190 Km 310 Km Barrie Hamilton Kitchener London Owen Sound Sarnia Toronto Windsor
The communities in the South Bruce region are located on the southern border of Bruce County, 10-14 kms from one another. They’re about a half hour’s drive to the beaches of Lake Huron for fun and about two hours by well-maintained highways to Ontario's most populous regions. You get both peace and tranquility and access to markets when you choose South Bruce.



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