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Bruce Life

Live. Work. Smile A Lot.

Most communities promise live, work and play lifestyles. Bruce County delivers on that promise.

Here, the search for work-life balance ends – it just comes naturally. Your trip to work might include a gorgeous Great Lake drive-by; the trip home could be via your cross-country skiis. Bruce is about an alternative lifestyle: less complex, affordable, and about community. It is active, energetic, social, and rugged.

Bruce County invites you to explore – recreationally, socially, entrepreneurially. You might just find, like we do, that smiles are bigger and more frequent around here.

Key Facts


Interactive map of Bruce County Map of South of Ontario Bruce county in white with dynamic content between the different 181 Km 208 Km 150 Km 151 Km 82 Km 174 Km 222 Km 314 Km314 Km 148 Km 245 Km 183 Km 219 Km 30 Km 260 Km 220 Km 400 Km400 Km 174 Km 171 Km 107 Km 126 Km 102 Km 156 Km 205 Km 290 Km290 Km 190 Km 256 Km 205 Km 254 Km 65 Km 283 Km 254 Km 422 Km422 Km 154 Km 175 Km 131 Km 166 Km 55 Km 202 Km 210 Km 341 Km341 Km 159 Km 197 Km 152 Km 188 Km 44 Km 209 Km 221 Km 348 Km348 Km 155 Km 220 Km 175 Km 211 Km 29 Km 235 Km 219 Km 374 Km374 Km 160 Km 200 Km 155 Km 193 Km 37 Km 217 Km 222 Km 356 Km356 Km 150 Km 159 Km 104 Km 133 Km 95 Km 176 Km 190 Km 310 Km310 Km 232 Km 298 Km 253 Km 296 Km 106 Km 325 Km 296 Km 464 Km464 Km 137 Km 153 Km 108 Km 144 Km 62 Km 196 Km 184 Km 330 Km330 Km Barrie Hamilton Kitchener London Owen Sound Sarnia Toronto Windsor
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Work For All

Starting or moving a business and your family to Bruce County includes an additional perk that you'll find useful when you arrive. It goes like this: you don't have to be the only one working. There's seasonal/summer employment for young people in the tourism industry. So your kids don't have to sit around all summer playing video games. There's a growing and active entrepreneurial spirit in Bruce County; that means the opportunity to start small secondary businesses will also grow. We also have an active retail sector for those so inclined. Bringing your family to Bruce County is another reason to smile a lot - from great schools to great outdoor and community adventures to a growing employment scene with lot's of promise for the future. We look forward to meeting the whole gang.

Fast Facts

  • Within a radius of 300 kilometers or so, there are about 2 million lovely people. That's the population of southwestern Ontario and Bruce is the playground.
  • There are about 66,000 people living in Bruce County. And it's a nice balance between the young and those with a few more life experiences.
  • There are over 30 schools in the county; 22 public and 8 Catholic. And let's face it, you're on the doorstep of a major Earth Biosphere - the education never stops.
  • 100 trails, 24 beaches, 35 community centres, 73 parks and playgrounds, amazing pools and arenas - are the tip of the iceberg for amenities when you consider Bruce County is in the cradle of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay with the Bruce Trail running up the middle.

Two innuksuks stand among the rocks on the shore of the lake.
Three mountain bikers approach the viewer along the path through the trees. The front one is a woman in a bright red shirt.
Two surfers with boards walk into the water.
The camera looks down a town street showing parked cars and retail shops.
A lighthouse is semi-silhouetted by the sunset over the water.
A man walks away from the camera along a path in the woods while holding the hands of two young girls.
Trees and sky in the distance are mirrored onto a very still lake.
A shopper with her dog take a look at a coat on a rack on the sidewalk of a town street.
A dock and red boathouse are surrounded by moored sailboats.

Bruce County is located in southwestern Ontario, Canada.